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view DynaLOT AVI

View Dynalot tools for subdivisions with pads AVI      after viewing the DynaLOT avi, which shows grading for subdivisions with basements, view this avi if you are grading with pads, unique tools for setting lot fronts, pads, slopes between pads that are beside each other or behind each other.

  • Automatically place blocks and Elevations at all lot corners
  • Set lot front elevations based on vertical and horizontal alignments
  • Compute elevations along a swale
  • Set pad extents, side by side or back to back
  • Set up to 8 elevations along a lot line based on CL elevation, including CL, Gutter line, TC, front of House, Back of house, and swale View AVI
  • Set Lot front elevation from a 3d pline
  • Design and draft each lot specifying front and rear house elevations, top and bottom of bank, slope lines (if walkout)


View Many Areas for LDD AVI

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