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View AVi showing how you can take survey shots of culverts and create 3d plines, rotate culvert ends, label in plan, draw and label on profile and section


  • Plot details for each curve:delta, radius, length, BC etc.
  • Reverse, Restation, Extend or Rename an Alignment
  • Draw Taper anywhere along alignment, includign spirals or curves
  • Reverse a pline
  • Station critical points along an alignment including deflections
  • List and label all intersecting stations of all aligments that intersect the current alignment
  • Create an alignment from contours at a grade
    Download alignment from contours AVI
  • Label station and offset  for multiple blocks in Paper or Model Space 
  • Place or move blocks in plan by station and offset


View Profile Tools AVI

  • Create 3d pline from 2d pline
  • Create a Profile and alignment  from 3d Polyline.
  • Plot and Label offset 3d Polyline onto profile
  • Move LDD Profile
  • Place Alignment Critical Stations on Profile
  • Place or move blocks by station and elevation
  • Interactive Vertical Alignment Design
  • Plot alternate alignment on current profile
  • Plot selected points from plan onto or from profile onto plan
  • Label stations and elevations of all aligments that intersect the current alignment
  • Create a table showing ALL intersection's stations and elevations
  • Label utility crossings from plan to profile, including station elevation and ellipse or box representing utility
  • Label finished Vertical Alignment onto plan or profile
  • Transfer Profile to Plan as 3d Polyline.


View Section Tools AVI

  • Create Sections from Points, breaklines or contours 
  • Create Sections from breaklines and Model
  • Create Sections based on slope stakes
  • label offsets, elevations and breakline layers
  • label Offsets, Elevations of selected PCodes; grades between pcodes and slopes between pcodes  on all sections
  • Draw culvert from plan to sections
  • Draw Composite High Ground Profile from Sections
  • Plot points as a graph with distance and elevation at grade breaks and report of point location, great for river channels creation and plotting
  • Create a Road grade report from pcodes showing offset elevation and descriptorfor each station

River Tools

View River Tools AVi  

View AVI on drawing banks from profile to plan 

  • create sections from lines and plines that cross river channel
  • plot graphs showing stations and elevations at grade breaks
  • draw banks in plan from points selected in profile
  • Export geo refrenced sections including cut lines, reach lengths and bank stations to HEC-RAS
  • Draw Water Surface Extents; Velocities; Banks; Boundaries, in-effective areas, Channel CL and 2D and 3D Sections from HEC-RAS .sdf file in LDD or C3D
  • strech 3d pline from drawn banks to original ground surface


  • Calculate Profiles for Road Widening - using existing crossfall, plot new edge of pavement View AVI
  • Calculate Overlay Profile by minimizing pad or milling
  • Plot Profiles of an alternate alignment on current alignment, with options to show feature on sections
  • Calculate Profiles from Section Edits - adjust profile by moving design section to desired elevation; with options to control longitudinal and cross slopes  View AVI
  • Calculate volumes from edits to sections using acad commands
  • Update sections from edits to sections using acad commands, including adding a new surfacce to each section


  • Import Cut Fill Lines (Daylight Lines) on Cut Fill Layers
  • Import Road Design as 3D Plines from Pcodes
  • Label Pcodes in plan including station and offset
  • Plot 3 line profile with transition profile and transition alignment
  • Import Road Design to Profile from Pcodes
  • Import Road Design to Profile as Plines from Pcodes
  • Slopelines between top and bottom of bank or top of banks


  • Delete template file lock
  • Set profile Layer colours
  • Set Section Layer Colours

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