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  • update MH rim elevations to profile with a crossfall or a surface
  • create 3D Polyline or cylinders from pipeworks. Will create the pipes using inverts, obverts or both
  • Draw catchment areas, associate with a pipe and density or run off coefficient and an area circle placed showing the input information and the area. this can than be exported to a Excel or HydraFLOW Sorm Sewers with the pipe information.
  • Export and Import Pipe data from pipeworks to an Excel spreadsheet; Send the design information from pipes and the information from the area circles to an excel spreadsheet, do your design, than send it back to pipes for final drafting
  • Import the pipes as 3d lines, and add object data table with id, pipe size, and the from and manhole names
  • Generate Pipe Interference Table; List all pipe conflicts, including watermains, showing location, inverts, clearance.
  • Pipe Depth Report; generates a report showing depth at manhole and depth of pipe along the pipe in user defined range from pipe to profile or surface
  • Service Connections<; Connect your lots to the sewers and watermains and driveways to curbs.
    View Pipes AVi
    View AVI Pipe Tools edits pipes in Civil 3D or import/export to Excel

    Safety Platforms
    automated drop structures using 1 pipe size smaller
    Label directions in profile band and plan view with construction north



HydraFLOW Tools

  • Import Pipe design from HydraFLOW into LDT pipesworks database
  • Export drainage areas and run-off co-effients to HydraFLOW design file
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