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Download Civil Essentials, includes:Site, Survey, Pipe and Road Tools

Download AVIs that highlight how Steltman software will make you more productive

Welcome to the Civil Essentials download page. This version allows you to install and run this add-on to autodesk Land Desktop and Civil 3D and evaluate it for up to 30 days. If you decide to purchase the software simply follow the on-screen instructions to purchase electronically or send your cheque or money order to our sales department. If you wish to use a purchase order, contact our sales department and we can make arrangements.


To install Civil Essentials download and run the setup.exe program; follow all on-screen instructions. The Civil Essentials menu is automatically loaded, use menuload to organize the pulldowns.


Included in these downloads are all the programs from this website, including road, survey, pipe, map and site tools


Included in the installation is CivilEssentials.chm a manual with full installation instructions, tutorials and an explanation for each routine.


To help demonstrate the power of Civil Essentials sample drawing files have been included and installed to the Civil Essentials program directory. Open the desired drawing and follow the instructions in the CivilEssentials.chm  tutorial section.

Survey includes sample data for automatically creating linework from points, creating a finished drawing and creating an uploadable file from the drawing.   Site includes sample data showing the process of creating a grading plan and doing earthwork volumes.  Road includes sample data highlighting the routines for alignments, profiles and cross-sections.  Pipes includes routines for importing and exporting to and from excel to C3D pipes, and a pipe depth report that caluclates along the pipe to a surface or profile. 


If during your use of the Civil Essentials, you find options or features that you would like to see added, please feel free to contact us. Our best ideas come from our clients.


What versions of Autodesk Civil 3D does Civil Essentials work with?

Civil Essentials works with Civil 3D 2012 and above. Some of the Survey Tools in Layout Tools require only acad.

Is this download the live version too?

Yes you can try each module for 30 days, you will require a license to use it beyond the trial period, but you will use the same download

Do I buy the suite or can I buy the individual modules?

Civil Essentials has 4 suites and each suite has about 5 individual modules. So you can buy the individual modules as stand-alone only. The suites are available as stand-alone or networked. All routines in the modules and all modules in the the pulldown are inclued in the suite.

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Download AVIs that highlight how Steltman software will make you more productive

Please fill out the form below to download the free 30 day evaluation version of Site, Survey, Pipe, Map and Road Tools, 40mb download.
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    Download Civil Essentials Trial Version for LDD 2008 to Civil 3D 2011

    Download AVIs that highlight how Steltman software will make you more productive

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    Steltman Software AVIs

    View River Tools AVi  

    Shows how to create data and export river channel sections into HEC-RAS from C3D. When the design is completed bring the sections, boundaries, banks and CL back into LDD from HEC-RAS

    View Drafting Culverts AVi

    Highlighting a number of survey and road tools routines, this avi shows how you can create the linework, label the culvert and rotate the blocks at the ends of the culvert in plan and draw the culverts to the profile and sections with NO manual intervention

    Download Dynalot AVI     View AVI

    A suite of routines geared specifically to do subdivisions,see a 50 lot subdivision designed in 8 minutes.

    View Dynalot tools for subdivisions with pads AVI     

    after viewing the DynaLOT avi, which shows grading for subdivisions with basements, view this avi if you are grading with pads, unique tools for setting lot fronts, pads, slopes between pads that are beside each other or behind each other.

    View AVI that Sets up to 8 elevations along a lot line based on CL elevation, including CL, Gutter line, TC, front of House, Back of house, and swale This is relevant for the Dallas and other areas.

    View street tools avi     

    This AVI shows how you can create a street network with up to 9 3d polylines offset horizontally and vertically from CL. Other tools shown include generating street network in 2d with, elbow and cul-de-sac converting to 3d and than creating 3d curb returns.   

    View Cut Fill and Topsoil volume calculations AVI     

    Done on a 200 lot subdivision., with 17 subsites each with it's own topsoil and pregrade depth. This same subdivision took 8 hours to do with Land Desktop as many areas did in 20 minutes!

    Calculate Pond capacity at user defined intervals 

    Select a pond surface, select the interval and the capacity of the pond is shown at each interval

    View average cross-slope AVI

    Calculates average cross-slope based on the length of contours and area. This is a requirement for firms submitting sites in the Redmonds, California area

    View Generate an alignment and profile from contours AVI

    One of the alignment toolst hat shows how you can generate a 3d polyline from contours at a user defined grade from a defined point and elevation

    View Profile Tools AVI

    Draw tangents with automatic intersection matching, place alignment control points on profile, generate a 3d polyline from design profile, place elevation on even interval, place control points on verical and horizontal control points, even showing high and low points on vertical curve.

    View 3 line Profile

     This AVI draws a 3 line profile from transition profile and alignment or from a 3d polyline showing grades along the offset alignment or 3d pline and stations based on CL

    View Create transition Profiles for Road Widening

    Calculates transition profiles using existing crossfall, plot new edge of pavement.

    View Section Tools AVI

    this avi shows labelling cross-sections in minutes. Label original ground offsets, place line or polylines from plan to sections, label grades between 2 pcodes, label pcodes, label last slope

     View Section Edits to Profile AVI 

    this avi shows how you can create transition profiles by editing each design sections, with options to set grade from previous station or set grade between 2 codes or interactivly move the section or point.

    View Lot Fabric from Block AVI

    Calculates lot fabric based on front or back setback distances.

    View Survey Tools: Breakline Designer, Survey to Plan and Layout Tools AVI     

    Line work from descriptors, clean up a survey, export design data including horizontal and vertical alignments to different data collectors

    View Parking Lot Stakeout AVi      

    that shows how you can create a 3d pline from points along a 2d pline, edit the 3d pline and export the 3d pline to a file for uploading to your data collector

    View Pipe Tools AVi

    This Avi shows how you can take LDD pipe data into excel and back, do pipe depth report and pipe rim elevation updatebased on new profile

    View HydroCAD Tools AVi

    This Avi shows how you can take drainage areas from LDD pipe tools and drawing into a HydroCAD .hcp file

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    Our clients tells us that by far the most popular way of testing our software prior to purchase is through our convenient live on-line demonstration.

    Using Web conferencing to mate real-time on-line and phone conferencing, this live demo allows you to view the software in action, ask questions, review and repeat processes, and more - all with the support of an experienced user and programmer, who will answer all your questions immediately. Ultimately, you quickly gain a solid overall understanding of how Steltman Software will increase your productivity, reduce your time to completion, all while saving you time and money.

    It's easy to arrange a live on-line demo at your convenience- just contact us. Please include the following information in your message: your name, your company name, your phone number, the time zone you're in, and when would be a convenient date and time to do the demo.

    All Software Has a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee